Daniel Tunnard


Daniel Tunnard is a competitive Scrabble player, who finished thirtieth in the Scrabble World Cup in Spanish, in Paraguay, in October 2017. He finished thirteenth at the subsequent World Cup in Mexico in 2018. He will be competing in the 2020 World Cup, in Montevideo, and intends to win it outright, purely for book marketing purposes. Tunnard is also the author of two nonfiction books Colectivaizeishon, el inglés que tomó todos los colectivos de Buenos Aires (Penguin Random House Argentina, 2013), which is about taking all the buses in Buenos Aires, and Trenspotting en los ferrocarriles argentines (Marea 20,16), a follow-up in which he rides all the trains in Argentina. ESCAPEs is his first novel.

Books by Daniel Tunnard


After the peak of the 1990s Scrabble boom, an estranged couple (both Scrabble world champions), meets deep in the Tigre Delta for one final game. The words they play spell out how they ended here, and why they are probably going to die.  Read more...

This book will be available for purchase on 10/06/2020.