“A swaggering, audacious debut” — The New Republic on ‘A Certain Hunger’

November 23,2020


“It’s difficult to joke about killing men or burning books in writing these days, because humorless people on the internet are so eager to take you seriously,” notes Josephine Livingstone’s recent review of A Certain Hunger in The New Republic. However, since the upcoming release from Chelsea G Summers has also been selected for the American Bookseller Association’s December 2020 “Indie Next List,” we’ve found readers more inclined to side with Livingstone’s assessment of the novel as a “refreshing antidote to the anxious moral calculus so popular in much contemporary fiction.”

Read The New Republic review, in full: “When the Protagonist Is a Literal Man-Eater: Chelsea G. Summers’s “A Certain Hunger” is a toothsome morsel.”


Indie Next List: American Bookseller Association selects ‘A Certain Hunger’ for December 2020

November 14,2020

Chelsea G. Summer’s novel, A Certain Hunger, doesn’t come out til December 1st, but early feedback has been a true pleasure to receive. It’s picked up a *Starred Review* from both @publishersweekly and @libraryjournal, garnered glowing praise from fellow authors, and earned comparisons to Angela Carter and Donna Tartt — with more than one reference to American Psycho & Bret Easton Ellis.

All of these would be reason enough to celebrate, but then we learned A Certain Hunger was selected by the #AmericanBooksellerAssociation for their December 2020 Indie Next List and we could hardly contain our excitement. Finding out a book is beloved by booksellers is such an honor, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Read what Marika McCoola, of #PorterSquareBooks, in Cambridge, MA, had to say about A Certain Hunger and preview the full list of deserving titles here