A Toast to Vagablonde on Publication day + an Observer review!

May 27,2020

Happy Release Day to Vagablonde by Anna Dorn! We celebrate with a review in Observer from Greta Rainbow. 

Calling Dorn’s debut a “thoughtful story about bodily impulse,” Rainbow notes that while the book “might be pigeonholed [as] LGBTQ fiction…what Dorn most expertly captures is a reckoning with virality on an internet that queer culture helped shape.”

Read: “LA Ambition Rules in ‘Vagablonde,’ the Story of a Lawyer Who Dreams of Becoming a Rapper” by Greta Rainbow in Observer


Jessica Pearce Rotondi reads to kids on #WritePlace

May 20,2020

Authors have been sharing about places they have found, or are finding, inspiration. For this week’s #WritePlace, Jessica Pearce Rotondi, author of What We Inherit 📚(out now!), shares about digging deep, resilience, and what helps to source connection when the distance feels too great — also, baby goats! 😍🐐 🥰:

“When the pandemic first hit, I was too anxious to write or even read… two things that are a core part of who I am. My first book, What We Inherit: A Secret War and a Family’s Search for Answers, came out on 4/21/20 after ten years of research and writing and is about three generations of my family not giving up hope… so I knew I had to dig deep to access my family’s strength. When writing about them—my normal mode of feeling normal—didn’t work, my husband took me to a small farm down the street from where he grew up. We saw newborn goats and goslings following their mothers out into an open field. We’ve gone back almost every day and watched those baby goats go from newborns to playful kids. The geese are getting less fuzzy and more ready to fly with every passing day. My rescue dog is smitten with a 300+ pound pig I’ve nicknamed Petunia and I always visit the graves of the family who used to own the farm, headstones decorated with flowers that encircle their names. Being at someone else’s ancestral home—especially when I’m missing my own—makes me feel connected to the past and like there is steady ground under my feet again. Plus, I get to read to kids! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)”