Helene Bukowski


Helene Bukowski, born in Berlin in 1993, is studying creative writing and cultural journalism in Hildesheim. She is the co-author of the documentary film Zehn Wochen Sommer, which won a Grimme Special Cultural Award in 2015. Her writing has appeared in various journals and anthologies, and she was the co-editor of BELLA triste.

Books by Helene Bukowski

Milk Teeth

Her mother Edith tells her little, preferring the solitude of her room. Their house is full of silence, and secrets. 

Skalde has only ever known life with her mother, rarely crossing the boundaries of their plot of earth to visit neighbors, and never leaving their zone. Skalde has never even seen blue in the sky—their region has been plagued by fog for as long as she can remember. Their terrain is dry and burning, and Edith and their neighbors cling to the memories of what once was: snow and rain, green grass and trees ripe with fruit. 

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