What Future 2018

Meehan Crist & Rose Eveleth

What Future: The Year's Best Writing on What's Next for People, Technology, and the Planet, edited by Meehan Crist and Rose Eveleth, is a best of the year anthology featuring new writing by and about the scientists, writers, journalists, and philosophers who are proposing the options that lay not just ahead, but beyond us.

Focused on in-depth long-form journalism and essays, What Future tackles issues critical to our future: climate change and human migration, feminism and gender politics, digital rights and AI. From the food systems of the future and built environments to constantly evolving systems of justice and surveillance, what kind of future do we envision for people and the planet?

Praise for What Future 2018

"Showcasing a range of perspectives and tones, from ominous warnings to heralds of liberation, this collection provides an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of tomorrow’s conversations."
Publishers Weekly,