Stefan G. Bucher's LetterHeads: An Eccentric Alphabet

Stefan G. Bucher

From the creator of the popular Daily Monster YouTube series comes a revolutionary new vision for “characters,” one that brings the alphabet hilariously alive.

A very special design book, LetterHeads is the first to feature “sculpted“ portraits of letters, employing 3D modeling software, which has been used almost exclusively by Hollywood’s CGI and video game production community. Until now!

LetterHeads is a graphic design book for creatives of any age, celebrating diversity and inspired by the people of the artist’s hometown of Los Angeles. Infused with unique personalities, surrounded by playful vocabulary and an intriguing color palette, the letters reflect just how alive language can be. The use of ground-breaking 3D technology acts as a link to not just the future of letterform creation, but education itself.

• Molded and carved like a series of classical sculptures, but free of the gaudy paint jobs, the LetterHeads allow the quirks and nuances of each diverse character to emerge.
• The LetterHeads are a landmark approach to letterform creation, combining decorative lettering of the 19th century with the crisp digital modeling of a Pixar blockbuster.
• LetterHeads enfolds playful vocabulary with color literacy, celebrating the diversity of both letterforms and people.

Praise for Stefan G. Bucher's LetterHeads: An Eccentric Alphabet

"Stefan Bucher’s LETTERHEADS: A zany but totally methodical take on reinvention."
Design Observer,

"With the rise of digital technology, more and more people are consuming content online. But what, asked Stefan Bucher, if we could instead harnessed technology to create a book that was unique and engaging enough for people to put down their devices and pick up a book?"
Graphic Design USA,

"Designed for young and old, you… actually feel like you’re spending time with old friends and fiends."
Print Mag,

"Bucher’s latest self-initiated project is LETTERHEADS, an A to Z of 3D-modelled heads, each designed to convey a different personality trait and emotion. "
Creative Review,

"…a unique and amazing take on the alphabet. If you or someone you know has a youngling who is starting to learn the alphabet, why go with a boring A-B-C book? With this one, a parent can tie the verbal with the visual, grabbing the child’s attention with the odd-and-funny-looking letters and reinforcing the sound of the letter with its shape."
Geek Dad ,

"You'll have an absolute blast looking for your own initials (and more) while thumbing through this incredibly unique book, LETTERHEADS…It will blow anyone with an artistic eye, and especially any 'Font Snob,' out of the water with its creativity."
Belles & Rebelles,

"As a parent who happens to write, I’ve experienced the challenge of sharing my love of words and letters with my digital age progeny who prefers electronics to paper for which I accept responsibility! Had I had the LETTERHEADS option, I don’t believe Leapfrog and Energizer would have gotten so much of my dough!"
The Hyphen Magazine,

"...celebrates diversity with an intriguing color palette and unique combination of character design and typography...Best of all, Letterheads lets lucky little learners love letters!"
Mommy in Los Angeles ,