Kill for Love

Laura Picklesimer

The boys on the row are only after one thing, but that bullshit’s for pledges. Tiffany’s on the hunt for something more.

Kill for Love is a searing satirical thriller about Tiffany, a privileged Los Angeles sorority sister who is struggling to keep her sadistic impulses—and haunting nightmares of fire and destruction—at bay. After a frat party hookup devolves into a bloody, fatal affair, Tiffany realizes something within her has awoken: the insatiable desire to kill attractive young men.

As Tiffany’s bloodlust deepens and the bodies pile up, she must contend with mounting legal scrutiny, social media-fueled competing murders, and her growing relationship with Weston, who she thinks could be the perfect boyfriend. A female-driven, modern-day American Psycho, Kill for Love exposes modern toxic plasticity with dark comedy and propulsive plot.

“In her clear and visceral sentences that evoke a world both like and unlike our own, Picklesimer places you completely in the narrator’s haunting, singular journey.” —Rachel Khong, author of Goodbye, Vitamin

Praise for Kill for Love

"KILL FOR LOVE scorches and scalds like a late-summer LA wildfire. Alongside her heroine, Tiffany, Picklesimer peels back the city’s beautiful skin to reveal the brute forces required to maintain its shiny surfaces, and the result is as nakedly violent as it is dazzlingly compelling."
Zan Romanoff, author of 'Look'

"KILL FOR LOVE weaves a darkly comedic tale of privilege and power set against the ever-present dangers Los Angeles faces with increasing intensity each year. Tiffany is captivating and wonderfully terrifying."
Lisa Glatt, author of The Nakeds

"A tonal blend of PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN and AMERICAN PSYCHO, Picklesimer’s electric narrative masterfully combines propulsive genre pulp with incisive prose that dissects societal-imposed gender norms and subverts all expectations of what a female antihero can be."
Peter Malone Elliott,

"KILL FOR LOVE by Laura Picklesimer is an edgy, thrilling satire. Sorority sister Tiffany is a character for the ages, who torches all other serial killers and leaves her own blazing and magnificent trail. Trust me when I say, this is one to be devoured! "
Lee Matthew Goldberg, author of 'The Mentor' and 'The Ancestor'

"Picklesimer’s debut is a blood-and-sunsoaked satire. Subversive and thrilling, it’s manicured fist goes straight for your jugular. "
Meg Hafdahl, Bram Stoker-nominated co-author of 'The Science of Women in Horror'

"This disruptive debut heralds Picklesimer as a newcomer to watch."
Publishers Weekly,