Experience Mexican Jail!

Before he was the Prisionero Anonimo, he was just a regular guy living the dream in Cancun, and having a pretty good time. Then one day, the cops raided his apartment. The rest is history.

Based on the letters of an actual American dude who spent nearly three years in prison in Cancun, our anonymous guide provides tips and strategies for keeping a positive attitude and making the best out of a pretty gnarly situation. As our Prisionero Anonimo notes of his time in Mexican Jail: "Try making candied apples, or some other confection. The boys will love it in the yard. Plus you can earn cash for weed or cell phone minutes."

Beautifully illustrated throughout and including covert pics taken on his flip cell phone, Experience Mexican Jail! provides you with everything you need to not just survive, but succeed. 

Experience Mexican Jail!
explores a variety of subjects, including: "Just because they stop beating you doesn't mean they're done beating you," "Baby tattoos," "Everyone has bills to pay, even in Mexican jail," "The drag queens are there to teach you something," "Your cellphone can buy someone else crack" and "What the consulate can't do for you."

Because in Mexico, jail isn't just a punishment, it's a lifestyle.