An Excellent Host (Signed Edition)

Chelsea G. Summers

A delectable new short story of decadence, subversion, and satisfaction.

Somewhere in Brooklyn, a feast awaits its guests, and newbie realtor Shad cannot believe his great good luck. Callista, the gorgeous woman he’s been seeing, has booked an Airbnb for a private party and the invite list is intimate—just Shad, Callista and few of her closest, equally gorgeous friends. As the wine begins to flow, he is ready to lose himself in the “date of all dates,” but what comes next might undo Shad for good. 

In An Excellent Host, modern dating goes wildly awry as ancient gods prepare to receive their due in this tantalizing update to Greek myth. From the best-selling author of A Certain Hunger comes a delectable new story of decadence, subversion, and satisfaction worthy of Dionysus himself.

“We go to work at our jobs, doing something; we go to sleep in our apartments, living somewhere; we have “lives,” whatever that means. The truth is that we no longer feel connected to our solo, secular selves. In the outside world, we exist in pastel washes of generalities; we grow vivid only when we are with our sister seekers. You wouldn’t clock us as different, not at first, probably not even at last.”

Originally printed exclusively for Independent Bookstore Day on April 27, 2024, remaining signed copies of An Excellent Host are available only at while supplies last!

(9781961884168, paperback original, 5.25 x 8, 69 pgs)