New Books from Unnamed Press

September 2016

The Shooting

James Boice

October 2016

One Life

David Lida

November 2016


Henrietta Rose-Innes

March 2017

For Love of the Dollar

J.M. Servín

October 2016

The Annie Year

Stephanie Ash

November 2016

In Plain View

Julie Shigekuni

December 2016

The Show House

Dan Lopez

January 2017

West Virginia

Joe Halstead


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Interview with Stephanie Wilbur Ash

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November 18,2016

We’re so excited to be going to the Texas Book Festival this weekend! Join us at the panels above featuring David Lida, Benjamin Rybeck, and Drew Nellins Smith. Hope to see you there!.

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November 04,2016

David Lida and Daniel Alarcón at the Strand

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November 01,2016

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